Wanga Mbasa (B.Eng Mech, Adv Dip. Biomedical Eng)

CEO & Founder

IndiWorks Engineering was founded in 2014 by Wanga Mbasa upon his return to South Africa after working at Google's European, Middle-East and African Headquarters. Being a Maker at heart Wanga completed a B.Eng (Mechanical) at the University of Pretoria and subsequently went on to complete an Adv. Dipl. (Biomedical Engineering) at the Engineering Institute of Technology, Australia. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Data Centre Engineering and an Adv. Dipl. in Plant Engineering. Coupled with nearly a decade's worth of experience in STEM Wanga partnered with childhood friend and Civil Engineer, Thapelo Phokojoe, to build IndiWorks Engineering into the Service Delivery company it is today.