Thandeka Kramer-Wolf (MSc. Enviro & Infrastructure)

CRO & Sustainability

IndiWorks Engineering's Chief Sustainability and HR Officer, Thandeka Kramer-Wolf is a Geologist specialising in Environmental & Infrastructute Planning as well as Water & Coastal Management. She completed her BSc. (Geological Sciences) at UKZN, BSc. Hons. (Environmental Management) at Unisa, MSc. (Water and Coastal Management) at Carl von Ossietsky University of Oldernburg, Germany and MSc. (Environmental and Infrastructure Planning) at University of Grongingen, Germany. "Climate, water & food security, energy and access to healthcare are amoung the gravest global concerns of this century and I am eager to contribute to the growing body of knowledge and expertise in these fields. Through my works and education I have developed and fine-tuned various skills which I believe are valuable tools for a multi-disciplinary career at IndiWorks. I am responsible for managing our pool of employees and all Environmental Engineering work carried out by IndiWorks Engineering."

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